Most people don’t realize that coloring is good for adults. Instead, they associate it as a pastime for kids. Yet coloring helps relax the fear center of the brain. It induces the same feeling as meditating and can help improve focus.

If you enjoyed coloring back in your childhood years, then you’ll enjoy the growing popularity of adult coloring. There is a vast selection of coloring books in the market, from abstract images to popular characters from Disney or Marvel. In addition, a growing number of studies continue to support coloring. For example, a study showed that it lowers anxiety and helps improve brain performance.

Most of the coloring books in the market either cater to children or adults. So it’s hard to find a coloring book that’s suitable for a broader audience. A book that helps you sharpen your creative skills while at the same time having fun. But Sean Cuttino’s latest book has done exactly that.

Sean Cuttino, a.k.a J. Cutt, is an entrepreneur in the art world. We had a chat with him about his coloring book titled “The art of J. Cutt Coloring Book,” which caters to kids and adults.

About J.Cutt

Sean Cuttino, a.k.a J. Cutt, is a young black artist from Philadelphia. All his life, he used his broad imagination to draw and create. Sean graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a focus on Animation. After college, he delved into the world of arts.

J.Cutt had the opportunity to work in various creative spaces. Although he enjoyed working for other companies, he decided to shift gears by becoming a full-time freelancer. As a result, he created his company, J.Cutt Productions.

J.Cutt leveraged social media to find clients and build his network. He worked with many famous people and organizations such as the NFL, the MLB, Missy Elliot, Slick Rick, etc.

The art of J. Cutt Coloring Book

The art of J.Cutt Coloring book is the artist’s first major publication. This book is for all ages and comes with three levels (easy, medium, hard). In addition, you can use crayons, colored pencils, markers, watercolor, and other paints on the book.

Creating a coloring book is one of J.Cutt’s life goals. The people around him always told him that he should make a coloring book one day. At first, he made a coffee table book that was a big failure. But the second chance is a major success.

The book is about 70 pages. Its features include:

  • Spiral-bound
  • Spot gloss printing
  • Single-sided artwork
  • Cardboard backing
  • Perforated pages

You can get a PNG, PDF version of the book. Digital packs are also available for Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

This multimedia book is packed with fun for all ages. Every level, including the hard level, is exciting.

J.Cutt states that the book can be fun reading for children to develop their art skills and entertain.

The coloring book also makes long car rides less “Are we there yet?” and more “Let me color this last box in!”

Meanwhile, coloring can be calming and stress-relieving for adults and a great way to pass the time. Adult coloring has become popular as it can help you unlock your inner artist and bring a sense of peace. Like cutting the lawn, knitting, or taking long walks, this activity takes us outside ourselves, which lowers stress.

If you enjoyed coloring as a child, then it’s not too late to pick up the habit. Let’s face it, we all want to feel like a kid at times, so pick up a J. Cutt coloring book!

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