Marcos Razzetti on Understanding Marketing Funnels for B2B’s in Services, Coaching and Consulting Industries

Did you know that 1 in 10 marketers say their lead generation efforts are highly efficient and effective? Why is this the case? The truth is, the world is changing, marketing is changing, but 90% of marketers are not. Gaining a customer’s interest in your services and converting them into a buying client requires a precise understanding of the sales process. A marketing funnel breaks down the customer journey from the ‘awareness’ stage to the ‘purchase’ stage. In most cases, funnels also include post-purchase follow-ups aimed at increasing retention, cross, and up-selling.

Marcos Razzetti is an expert on consulting and marketing funnels who helps people create businesses that help others. His company teaches entrepreneurs how to develop exponentially in services, coaching, or consulting firms using the BlueHacker Method. Central to this is the breakdown of the marketing funnels. To understand each element of the process and learn how to bring them together to propel your growth. In this article, we will learn how marketing funnels work for B2B marketers, and what service businesses, coaches, and consultants should strategize their marketing approaches.

When Marcos started his career journey, he faced many challenges trying to sell products that people did not need. He quickly realized the importance of understanding the client’s needs and developing a product that suits these needs. Now, just 22 years of age, Marcos generates over $1M per year through his businesses, has more than 250K followers on Instagram, and more than 10K YouTube subscribers. More importantly, his students have seen amazing results with multiple becoming seven-figure earners within a year. What you should focus on when you

Creating Awareness For Your Services

Understandably, people recognize when they need a product or service and take the necessary steps to fill their needs. The need to inform their buying decisions and process. Marcos advises that entrepreneurs start by thinking from the customers’ perspective to help customers discover solutions to their problems in the most conventional way.


As leads progress through your funnel, your outreach methods will get more personalized. Potential customers will engage with your content and learn about your company and services. Here, product demos will help interested customers to make informed decisions. Product reviews, testimonials, and case studies are a great way to build the confidence of potential customers. It is essential to let customers make their decisions independently, no matter how much we feel tempted to sway them.


Through the client’s interactions and routing to landing pages, the salespeople can engage directly and with these warm leads. It is important to note that a simple purchasing process reduces the risk of buying. B2B clients often have to involve other team members in their buying decisions. The sales representative in the lower stages of the marketing funnel helps the potential customer’s process much more engaging by providing a straightforward step by step process breakdown for the sales to close.

Getting Commitment From Your Customers

Product trials and demos play a crucial role in service deals. Providing tests and demonstrations provides your customers with the last push that they need to commit. It is also your moment to shine. Making an effort to give the customers with all the relevant information for their decision-making up to this point only helps build trust. For you, you will have established yourself as a dependable partner and an expert in your niche. From here, sales close more efficiently, with less effort and manipulation. It also provides an ideal atmosphere to engage customers further for more value propositions with upsells and cross-selling.

The principles of understanding each stage of the marketing funnels help you to know what tools to use to make your value proposition more desirable to a client. It is having an actionable plan of action to understand how to take your customers from point A to point B. Marcos Razzetti is on a mission to help your business integrate strategies that convert better and efficiently. You can connect with him here to learn more about the BlueHacker Process.



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