Did you know that hip hop fitness could be of great benefit to your health and appearance?

Well, celebrity T.V. Host and HGTV designer @Taniya Nayak knows all about the well kept secret of JeannieFit’s program myHipHopFit!

Taniya started classes during the shutdown as she was looking for a fun solution to stay fit. She has always had a passion for dance so of course JeannieFit’s magnetic energy, coupled with the core training, dance choreography and other live stream participants made her feel like she was part of the crew!

Jeannie Martingano, JeannieFit creator of myHipHopFit started her fitness journey…

Tyler McBroom

One of the most common questions every entrepreneur asks is, “What is the most practicable way to increase the profitability of my business?”

Implementing simple strategies will maximize their profits while minimizing their costs to increase their profit margin. On this front, Tyler McBroom shares the seven habitual traits that each needs to adopt to drive their business to profitability.

Tyler insists on the understanding that every habit is alienated more towards creating a psychological pattern called a “habit loop.” Using his company Measured Results, CPAs, Tyler elaborates further that a habit emanates from the initial trigger that sends one’s…

Almost all industries in the world have come under the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. Among the most affected ones is the real estate sector. With the emergence of new cases each day, the coronavirus has significantly impacted the economy across the globe, more so in New Jersey. With measures including social distancing, restrictions in movements to total lockdown in some countries, many investors face bottlenecks in ensuring complete security of their investments. The situation even gets worse for real estate developers and agents struggling to get prospects to view properties or even close a sale.

However, all is not…

Can you put a price on motherhood? Salary.com’s survey showed that mothers should be charging at least $115,000 per year for their work. However, life offers its twists and turns to some extent that often alters the lifestyle we wish to lead. Therefore, it is upon each individual to work their way up the ladder of success, which they should aspire to achieve. We all have dreams, goals, and aspirations, but they will remain stagnant until that moment when we take the initiative to chase our dreams and make them a reality.

Most entrepreneurs possess awesome ideas that contain vital…

Homelessness is probably one of the lowest points in many people’s lives. And guess what? The rift between the “haves” and the “have nots” continues to widen every other day. It is an open truth that in such a society, the homeless suffer the most. Statistics have shown that over half a million people experience homelessness every night in the US, and the number continues to rise.

JP Pena’s narrative is not different, either. He suffered the adversities, met the obstacles, and suffered homelessness. However, JP Pena’s story has a happy ending. He achieved his dream of owning a home…

Charisma Davis Walkthrough on How Changing Your Mindset will Unlock Your Potential

Have you heard how critical it is to create a positive brand name for your business? To ramp up your brand, you must master the art of bonding with the right audience. A brand requires not only your ability to ‘sell’ ideas or perhaps the articulate way to convey how to best position yourself to accomplish them.

It is paramount to work with a topnotch copywriter who will help analyze lots of your ideas, convert them into reality, and eventually create investors’ traffic towards ensuring your brand boost…

Kevin Suter

Is it better to take risks or play it safe? Well, playing it safe means that you will always have that “what if” feeling that’s likely to get you depressed. What if you tried that business idea? What if you made that investment? What if you told your crush you liked them?

Kevin Suter is a man who got tired of watching others succeed and decided to take risks of his own. Presently, Suter is a highly sought after keynote speaker and leadership development expert. He has spoken in over 2,500 public schools, prisons and universities in 48 states and…

Many attributes have been channeled towards healthy living and keeping fit. Most explicitly arising from the need to unlock unexploited potential and athletic excellence in most of the clients. Applying modern exercise and learning a specific model to understand, assess, and train your athletes to reach their peak capabilities is the focal point of most trainers. Therefore, it is vital to design a program that will allow fitness trainers, physical therapists, students, and performance coaches to mention a few ways to obtain mastery in physical performance optimization. Besides, prescribing and planning exercise, arranging nutritional strategies, mind exercises, and movements kinematics.

Tristan Ahumada

How do you make your Instagram successful? Is it the images or the frequency of the posts? Well, Tristan Ahumada states that it is more than that.

Tristan is the CEO, Creator, and Co-Founder of one of the leading Real Estate education and media agency in the U.S dubbed Lab Coat Agents. He started this business as a Facebook group back in 2014, and by 2019 he had over 100,000 highly engaged members. His agency has become highly influential and has advanced to become one of the world’s leading media/education companies for all real estate agents, brokers, and teams.


The value of your customers is one of the key drivers in your business. Why? Because maximizing the client’s lifetime value leads to more sales and profits in business. Therefore, if you need to increase your customer base, you have to stay connected to the potential customers who add value to the business. It would be best if you also learned how to improve the customers’ value by retaining them.

It is not a secret that entrepreneurs require essential skills on how to generate new sales leads. If you are looking forward to finding new clients, invent marketing strategies to…

Sergio Centeno

Instagram @imsergiocenteno

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